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  this one is from Molsons of Newfoundland, Canada 


Fred Koch Brewery (Dunkirk, NY)
Fred Koch Brewery
Permit: NY-U-222
15 Coutrney Street
Dunkirk, NY

Years of Operation: 1888 to 1920
Total Years Pre-1920: 33

Years since closed/sold: 89

Products include: Black Horse Ale, Iroquois Indian Head Beer, Kochs Genuine Draft Beer
Also known as: Black Horse Brewing Co, Iroquois Brewing Co.


Dawes Black Horse Brewery of Montreal is now long gone but has left behind much memorabilia


Dow Black Horse Ale was brewed by Carling O'Keefe Ltd of Toronto, Canada. Carling O’Keefe was bought out by Molson


Black Horse Pub and Brewery #1
Franklin Street Pub Corporation
Clarksville, Tennessee, United States

For this pub and brewery, take the last train to Clarksville, Tennessee .


The Black Horse Inn, Hastings Road, Telham, East Sussex, TN33 0SH held a music festival.

Special ale for the festival, brewed by Shepherd Neame


Too close to be missed out...Black Ale brewed by Dark Horse Brewing Co of Michigan, USA. There's also a Dark Horse Brewery in Hertford, England